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Exploring the Information Obtained from a Background Check Part 2

Background checks are an essential part of everyday life. We are forced to submit to background checks before we start a new career, when we apply for loans, and when we enter certain clubs, societies, and groups. Background checks facilitate transparency and honesty to ensure that nobody is withholding information that could affect our opinion of them.

If you are suspicious about a coworker, romantic interest, or new friend, a Tampa private investigator from Darwin Securities can perform a comprehensive background check on a person of interest to help you unearth any unsavory information that could potentially be hidden from your knowledge. In part one, we explored criminal record checks and personal details checks. In part two, we will explore credit checks, driving records, and licenses.

Credit, Financial Information, and Assets

We can learn a lot about someone by taking a peek at their financial history. How a person chooses to spend their money gives insight into their habits, judgments, lifestyle, and reliability. If someone’s history has been plagued with bankruptcy and financial liens, you can assume that they are not diligent with their funds. Your Tampa private investigator will check for information including:

SSN Verification: links a SSN number to the applicant’s name, as well as as the state and year of issuance.

Credit Score: a score determined by an estimate formulated by a credit agency using a person’s financial history as a metric to determine creditworthiness. Private investigators will search for significant shifts in a person’s credit score, unusual credit checks, and instances of bankruptcy.

Businesses, property, and other assets: reveals the assets possessed by a person of interest including businesses and property. A comprehensive background check will also include the estimated value of these assets, property tax assessments, registration information, photos, dates owned, and more.

Driving Records

Driving records reveal the driving history of a person of interest. Are they a safe driver? Do they pay tickets? Have they ever been involved in an automobile fatality? Private investigators can also gain access to expunged charges related to drunk driving, unreported crashes, and more. These records can be especially helpful in child custody cases. Consult a Tampa private investigator for child custody cases if you think your spouse’s driving record disqualifies them from parenting.

State and Federal Licenses

You might be interested in learning about a person’s state and federal licenses to ensure that they are who they say they are. A license check can also reveal any restrictions or violations placed on a license. Some common license checks include:

Attorney: location and time associated with successful completion of the bar.

Medical License: area of practice and status of license.

Gun License: models of guns and recorded purpose for use.

Pilot License: location obtained and additional certifications.

Private Investigator License: ensures your private investigator is licensed and reveals any holds that have been placed on their license.

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