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Exploring the Information Obtained from a Background Check Part 1

There’s plenty of reasons to perform a background check on someone you know. Whether you want to find out more about a coworker, romantic interest, or new friend, a background check is a virtually foolproof method to learn the truth about someone else without raising suspicion.

A private investigator in Tampa, FL can help you uncover the truth about a person of interest by obtaining a background check. The type of information obtained from a background check varies depending on a number of factors. In this two-part series, we will examine the various forms of information you can unearth by performing a background check.

Criminal Record Check

When a private investigator in Tampa, FL performs a criminal record background check, they gain access to two types of records that are subject to different legal restrictions.

Non-Convictions: arrests, dismissed charges, warrants, and any other judgment that does not result in a conviction. These records can be pulled by a background check up to 7 years after the occurrence. Non-convictions can turn into convictions later on if the defendant is found guilty of a separate crime or violates parole.

Convictions: felonies, misdemeanors, and all other convictions at the federal, state, and county level. A skilled private investigator will also search for records under an alias and sex offender registries to ensure that the person of interest is thoroughly checked. Convictions are usually reportable in a background check for life, but this can differ from state to state depending on various factors.

Personal Details Check

Traditional background checks don’t involve personal information because they rely on documented information that has been processed and acknowledged by a third party. However, a skilled private investigator will go above and beyond to produce personal information about a person of interest. If you are worried about a cheating spouse, an infidelity background search in Tampa can help you collect information regarding social media accounts, previous marriages, known associates, and more.

Marriage Records: provide details about past and present marriages, including shared properties, the place of marriage, and additional details covering current and former spouses.

Phone Numbers: one person may have access to multiple phone numbers. If you are involved with a person who has an unusual amount of phone numbers, they may be involved in suspicious activity.

Family and Known Associates: by compiling a list of family members and known associates, a private investigator can help you get a clearer picture of a person’s true nature.

Social Media: If you have been barred from accessing someone’s social media page, an investigator can peruse their pages to check their commenting history and see who their friends are using a discreet account.

Background checks are a surefire way to unearth the truth about someone you are having suspicions about. In part two, we will continue to explore the types of information that can be uncovered from a background check.

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