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Who Needs Executive Protection?

In this day and age, it’s only understandable that companies might wonder about hiring extra protection. Do you or your corporation fit the bill of needing executive protection? It usually depends on a few factors, such as the nature of your company’s business, where you or any other executives travel and how high-profile and wealthy you and the company are. Corporate executives and CEO’s that warrant a closer look at executive protection may have companies that fall under the category of:

  • High-tech industries
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Defense contractors
  • Banks
  • Financial Services
  • Technology Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Companies with executives overseas

CEO’s and companies in these categories that are being targeted by an outside group worry about kidnapping (themselves or their family), carjacking, mail-borne explosives, threatening emails, workplace violence, and ecoterrorism. There are numerous ways for attackers to get to an executive, which is where a Tampa private investigator comes in. An executive protection agent will be tasked with keeping the executive and their family safe, while helping them maintain their normal lives.

How Much Protection Do You Need?

Before a private investigator in Tampa begins their assignment, they will perform a risk assessment. A risk assessment will show the executive protection agent if extra protection is needed, but the type of protection required will typically vary from case to case. It may be discovered that there potential of threat is minimal, or the agent could discover that there is an immediate threat and will take action immediately.

In extreme cases, an executive protection agent can add a safe room to the executive’s home or office. The executive could be restricted to fly only on corporate jets and avoid commercial flights all together. The agent might need to coordinate and oversee out of town travel as well, especially for clients that are involved in multinational corporations who travel overseas.

Why Hire A Private Investigation Company?

When dealing with this situation, it’s beneficial for an executive to hire a Tampa private investigator. The private investigator is an outside expert who can provide the executive with a fresh perspective and help organize any weak spots and potential improvements. Private investigators can also help to bolster any existing security resources. An executive of a major corporation is going to undoubtedly have security measures in place, like a retired police officer or security guard, but often these resources are not big enough to meet the company’s full needs. A private investigation company can help companies with additional or specialized help.

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