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Executive Protection For Business Professionals

In the business world, executive protection is a smart and preventative idea. A Tampa private investigation company will send protection agents to business executives that need to keep their company, families, or themselves safe. Whether an old employee wants revenge on the employer that let him go, or a criminal decides to kidnap the child of a CEO for ransom, executive protection can put a stop to any potential risks. A criminal will think twice about kidnapping a child if he is accompanied by a trained and experienced bodyguard.

What Will an Executive Protection Agent Do?

When a CEO or high-end business mogul has determined that there is a potential threat, their first step is to hire a private investigation company in Tampa. The agent will come out to their business or home and conduct a risk assessment to determine the level of risk. The agent will do a sweep of all emergency exits and entrances, set up onsite security, secure transportation, and more for the client and possibly their family. If the agent is hired to protect a child, they will need to go through the motions of setting up protection at home, school, and any after-school activities they may participate in. This might require getting permission from the school before handling and setting up an emergency evacuation plan with the school administrators.

How Will Executive Protection Help?

An executive protection agent will provide personal safety for their client as well as those around them without having to interfere with them living their lives. This is a preventative measure. If nothing bad happens, and there are no attacks, it’s a success. If something does happen, there is a qualified agent who will be able to take the right steps to save their life.

What Should You Look For in an Executive Agent?

An executive agent should be trained and knowledgeable in protecting their clients. The most important thing to look for is someone you feel comfortable with, and can trust. Military and weapons experience is a plus.

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