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Our team of private investigators in Tampa know how stressful it can be dealing with suspected insurance fraud. Valuable company resources are on the line and lengthy lawsuit battles can have a major affect on company productivity and morale. Lawsuit hearings are an intense process in and of themselves, and it is crucial for you to go in court prepared. If you are faced with a suspected fraudulent claim, consider these 4 benefits of working with a professional private investigator.


1. Get Answers Quickly and Effectively

You don’t have time to wait around for evidence to appear out of thin air. You need real evidence, and you need it fast. There is a very small window to prove fraud, and without proof, your company could end up footing the bill for false claims. When working with a private investigator in Tampa, you have experience on your side. Our investigators know how to effectively examine your claim and create an expedited strategy for uncovering the truth. Also, with experience in dealing with the court system, our investigators know the type of evidence needed to win your case.


2. Put an End to Habitual Insurance Fraud Behavior

People who habitually place fraudulent insurance claims should be stopped. These individuals often have a history of reporting false claims, and if they are not found guilty of these charges, they will continue this behavior. In turn, this behavior will cost the American people, businesses, and insurance companies billions of dollars each year. A private investigator is not just protecting your company from paying one fraudulent payment, but hundreds and thousands in the long term by communicating a message that fraudulent behavior will not be accepted.


3. Have Legitimate Proof in Court

A claim is only as good as the evidence that can back it up, and as previously stated, private investigators know what type of evidence will stand up in court. Suspicions are not enough. The judge appointed to your case needs to know with 100% certainty that the claim is in fact fraudulent. Also, beyond gathering evidence, a Tampa private investigator has the ability to testify in court about their findings to strengthen the validity of your case.


4. Work with a Trained Professional

Tampa private investigators are required to be properly licensed before they can conduct insurance fraud investigations. When you hire an investigator from Darwin Securities, you are hiring a professionally trained expert who will be using the latest investigative techniques and technology.


If you have suspicions about the validity of an insurance claim, we recommend consulting with a Darwin Securities private investigator.

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