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Alternative Visitation Rights for Child Custody Cases

When you’re locked in a child custody battle with a former spouse, you want to ensure that you’re prepared for any outcome whether favorable or unfavorable. Child custody cases aren’t always open and shut, and they can drag on depending on the evidence being presented, both parties’ schedules, and the state of your relationship with your ex. When the time comes to determine visitation rights, it’s important to stay cognizant of the alternatives to traditional visitation.

In this article, a Tampa child custody private investigator will explain alternative visitation rights for child custody cases. If you are currently embroiled in a child custody case, consult a Tampa private investigator for child custody cases.

Supervised Parenting Time

In hotly contested child custody cases, the judge negates parenting time or opts for supervised parenting time. Although this is a rare occurrence because Florida public policy and custody law encourage contact between parents and children, it can be required in cases where the judge is uncertain about the safety and security of the child in question.

If you, your spouse, or both of you are known alcohol abusers or drug addicts, the judge might enforce supervised parenting time in lieu of your typical visitation rights. Other factors that can limit your visitation rights with your child or children include mental disorders, past violent tendencies, and documented instances of neglect. If you are found to possess one or more of these qualities, the judge may restrict your visitation rights so that you can only visit your child under the supervision of child protection services or another outside professional.

Grandparent Rights

If you are barred from visiting your children, or you are deployed for military service for greater than 90 days, a new Florida law will give the grandparents of your children visitation and time-sharing rights. The parent who is deployed can select a grandparent or other family member to act as their proxy or stand-in so time-sharing between both parties resumes according to the court’s judgment.

If you want the grandparents of your children to have access to visitation, you have a few options. The special Florida Statute, “Temporary Custody by Extended Family Members,” is another law that gives grandparents visitation rights under certain circumstances. There is another statute that grants child protective services the right to relocate children from an abusive home into a grandparent’s home.

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