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4 Situations That Benefit From Private Surveillance

Surveillance is the ongoing process of observing and collecting information or evidence with the purpose of uncovering something suspected. Surveillance can be done with equipment such as cameras, tape recorders, binoculars, and other devices. It can be undercover or be visible (think of security guards). It can also be done stationary or in a moving vehicle.

Surveillance is best used in situations that would benefit from producing hard evidence to bring involved parties to a final conclusion. Following are four situations where a private surveillance in Tampa will be beneficial.

1. Child Custody Battles

Anytime you’re dealing with court-related disputes, you’ll want to handle the situation within approved legal confines. This includes hiring licensed professionals to conduct private surveillance. If you’re concerned about the wellbeing of your child or whether a co-parent refuses to make child support payments, a private surveillance can get you the facts you need to enforce payments or remove your child from a harmful situation.

2. Proof of Infidelity

Do you suspect your spouse of cheating? Our Tampa private surveillance experts conduct surveillance for suspected cheating spouses routinely. Most cheaters won’t confess and they may even cover their tracks pretty well. This is why you’ll need hard evidence to combat their lies and to put your suspicions to rest.

3. Employee Theft

Are you a business owner that suspects an employee is stealing from your company? Do you have a business partner you aren’t sure you should trust just yet? If you want to get to the bottom of it, the use of surveillance in the workplace will be a benefit. Through the use of advanced technology methods through computer monitoring and camera footage, the guilty party can be caught in the act.

4. Workers’ Compensation

We don’t deny the fact that injuries happen on the job everyday, especially in labor-intensive environments. There are times, however, when a reported injury is false. Either there is no real injury or the employee exaggerates the injury. Employees that falsify claims can be found doing activities they’ve been restricted from doing like cutting grass, lifting heavy objects, or working side jobs when they should only be receiving disability pay. If you’re having doubts about an employee’s injury, private surveillance is a good option for insurers and companies.

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